B. C.UDE & COMPANY in its present form came into being on the 14th day of April 1999 with a vision to grow to become one of the leading law firms in Nigeria

Our mission is to identify our client’s needs and meet them quickly, efficiently and in accordance with the profession’s best practices.

We are fully abreast of developments in information technology and we have accordingly equipped our office with the necessary IT facilities. We also have a respectable library and a well-motivated and experienced staff. All these enhance our efficiency and make working for our clients an exciting experience.

Our team was carefully selected based on each individual’s antecedents and the need for complimentary roles in a fast growing global economy with attendant sophistication in technology and business practices which make specialization not only desirable but imperative. The firm represents domestic and trans-national interests and is affiliated to a network of international firms and experts in related fields.

In keeping with global trends, the firm is actively involved in guiding and assisting its clientele on issues
of environmental protection regulations. The objective is to ensure that the firm’s clientele, particularly those in the energy, communication and manufacturing sectors are sensitized to be abreast of developments in this area of the law. We assist such clients in the observance of environmentally friendly practices and policies in all aspects of their operations ... more